Barev Dzez, Armenia!

I want to use this space to let you know a little bit more about me and to share my thoughts on a variety of issues, including those that sometimes fall outside the traditional diplomatic box.  I hope to provide some insight into the United States – not just our government, but also our businesses and, most importantly, our people.  You might hear from me on issues of environmental protection, intellectual property, as well as cultural topics.  

But first, about me.  You can read about my career from my biography, but I want to go beyond the official nature of my work and tell you a little more.  Maybe the best place to start is Barberton, Ohio where I was born and grew up.  One of my favorite places in our town was Lake Anna Park.  Like Armenians, we value green spaces in our cities.  Lake Anna, in the center of Barberton, is a popular place for many community activities or just a quiet stroll, especially at this time of year when the beautiful cherry trees that ring the park are blossoming.  Here is a picture to enjoy along with our beautiful spring in Yerevan! 

Cherry blossoms in Lake Anna Park, Barberton, Ohio

I have really enjoyed Armenia so far.  Recently I attended a wine tasting with some of my Embassy colleagues.  I especially enjoyed learning about how Armenian wines have really taken off at home and on the international market – not to mention tasting the delicious evidence of what Armenia has to offer!  A khoravats tasting is probably next!  

There is an office in the State Department that usually films videos of U.S. Ambassadors to introduce them to the people of their host country.  They do excellent work, but I chose to wait and introduce myself from inside Armenia.  So I was grateful when we were able to work with a local television station to film my introductory video all over Yerevan.  You can see it on YouTube in English and Armenian.

I had a great time exploring Yerevan and working with a professional crew – I want to share a “behind the scenes” glimpse at how much fun we had!  I also learned a great deal about Armenia’s history and culture during the video shoot.

I hope you will follow my blog to learn more about me and about American culture and values!  We are a very diverse country and I hope to convey some of that diversity along the way.  If you have any suggestions for what you want to hear from me about, leave a comment!  And for more on what I am getting up to around Armenia, follow the Embassy on Facebook!


  1. Lilit Grigoryan

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